Deceive ἀπάτη
Posted on 07/11/2024
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Ephesians Our Wrestling Against Malignant Evil
Posted on 07/07/2024
The Progression from Lust to Sin - Bill Myron
Posted on 07/07/2024
Deceive (ἀπάτη)
Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.Deceive (ἀπάτη) expresses the concept of misleading someone through untrue statements intended to give them a wrong impression or misrepresentation of the truth.When the man of lawlessness comes, it will be in accordance with the working of Satan b
Reconcile (καταλλάσσω)
Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.Reconcile (καταλλάσσω) involves the settlement of disputes or differences between two or more individuals or groups. It is often facilitated by a third party. An agreement is reached that satisfies all persons involved in the dispute, thereby resto
Mental Control (πίμπλημι)
Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.Mental Control (πίμπλημι) is a type of filling in which the person, or thing, is completely filled up in such a way as to directly influence its direction and activities; therefore, they are dominated by what is filling them.This is the type of fil